Powder Train

Powder Train 
Paul was a guest at Ant & Co.’s private launch party with Princess Julia, Bond Girls and cocktails.

The ground-breaking artists Ant & Co.have a new body of work debuting to the public for the first time in London this coming March.

Powder Train is a truly unique exhibition showcasing a host of raw images from today’s most influential faces in the arts, music and film industries.

Alisa Connan
(The ‘Co.’ in Ant & Co.) the photographer, describes the images as “capturing a very real moment”. Karl Anthoney (The remaining ‘Ant’ of the duo), then takes this very pure form of imagery and adds artistic expression by painting over the images to draw out the subjects’ individuality.

Powder Train will be open to the public:
3rd – 30th March 2011
Open from 6pm til late Tue – Sat
Cielo, 3 New Burlington Street, London, W1

Further information and limited edition prints are available on www.antandco.com

Party photos (shown) by Jules Annaw